TIME RUNS OUT by Henry J. Taylor


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A book which will get space and sales -- Doubleday's entry into the war's big-timers. Henry Taylor made a flying tour of Europe, partially featured in Life, covering 21,000 miles in nine weeks. He got all kinds of special passport passe-par-touts; he interviewed many important people from Winant to Petain to Ryti of Finland to Abetz. He traces Germany's new economy; he discusses Lisbon and Mrs. Campbell's services for political prisoners; hunger in Finland, ersatz in Holland, Hess and a fanatic's flight, Switzerland, Vichy, a scoop on the Weygand ouster, Spain, Gibralter, Africa. Spot observation, hearsay, blunt criticism (an attack on De Gaulle and his mishandling of the Free French movement). The conclusion -- time is running out, and speed in our greatest compulsion. Not altogether new, often controversial, sometimes doubtful material. More than a tour de force -- so watch it.

Pub Date: April 10th, 1942
Publisher: Doubleday, Doran