SKARRA by Henry V.M. Richardson


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Brisk historical action that spotlights two spheres of 17th century religious and political ferment. The story moves from the Thirty Years War on the Continent during Scotsman Bruce McTaggart's tenure as a skeptical don of classical philosophy at a Swedish university--to the Highland rebellion against the presence of Cromwell's Roundheads in Scotland twenty years after Bruce has come home to succeed his late father as laird of Skarra. He has a different lady in either place--first Geney the Swedish prostitute whom he delivers of twins, then loses in a troika-race upset; and then Lydia, Geney's aristocratic Russian ""cherished friend and rival"" who follows the widowed McTaggart home. Richardson laces his brew with many pretty speeches re the virtues of monogamy and family life and finally semi-retires McTaggart to pursue the fortunes of his favorite children, who are as busy, busy, busy as their dad.

Pub Date: Oct. 1st, 1975
Publisher: T.Y. Crowell