SPRING OFFENSIVE by Herbert Clyde Lewis


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This is a repeat on Lewis' trick book, Gentleman Overboard, when once again a man's life in flashback, and thoughts before dying, are cleverly alternated. This book has somewhat more significance, as a denunciation of present day warfare and of America's economic setup which drove the central character, Winston, to join up. Likeable, energetic, Winston goes over with the B.E.F. after losing his job -- and therefor his girl. Bored by the monotony of the winter on an all quiet front, he indulges a whimsy and goes out to No Man's Land to be caught by the flare up of the spring offensive. Shelled, than bayonetted, he realizes he will die and reviews the senselessness of his life -- and his death. Johnny Got His Gun type of thing, a stunt idea as impetus for propaganda, but the boy, and the issues at stake, are quite real.

Pub Date: April 29th, 1940
Publisher: Viking