DEAR DOLPHIN by Herbert Kenny
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In a gay nonsense fantasy, Ann in oceanland seeks the Lost Atlantis which isn't lost at all. She finds the Sea (or Saw) Serpent who endlessly ponders the reality of his existence; the pirate Captain Teach who has the three no-evil monkeys aboard as well as a princess of Atlantis, a compulsive talker, and Ann's own sister in a cage; the Angler Fish, a committee woman type: Nimble Grone, a malaprop of an actress whom they marry off to Teach: Joe the whale who is the continent of Atlantis. Ann's bullying, cowardly leader is the dolphin, guardian of semantic niceties and sufferer of imagined slights. Witty worldly word fun.

Pub Date: Sept. 15th, 1967
Publisher: Pantheon