THE CURTAIN RISES by Hilda Vaughan
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I liked it immensely. The first part has something of the feel of Maurice Walsh's The Road to Nowhere with its romantic idyll of the gaily painted caravan, the light-hearted young actor, and the ambitious Welsh peasant lass, seeking her fortune in London and looking at life through rose-colored spectacles, and the saving grace of a sense of humor. Once she pulls herself out of her groove by her own bootstraps -- and the helping hands of certain more or less influential, and certainly canny people -- the story follows a certain not too hackneyed pattern. But there is originality and charm throughout, and it should be an easy book to sell and an easy book to rent. A new sort of success story -- with a certain irony and wit and poetry in the telling.

Pub Date: Aug. 16th, 1935
Publisher: Scribner