HOW TO PLAY DOUBLE BOGEY GOLF by Hollis; Ira Mothner & Harold Schonberg Alpert


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Double Bogey Golf isn't all that easy to play--as that legion of irremedial slicers, hookers and shankers will attest. Given that par is an ""aristocratic, anti-democratic"" concept, Double Bogey Golf is a game for the masses. Its practitioners should be stoical (knowing no amount of instruction in the world can help them). . . they should consider the rough as their friend, and treat their putting ball affectionately. Among other things this godsend of a guide reveals the ""secrets through which the Double Bogey Golfer can learn to live with himself, establish domestic tranquility, achieve a new world view, make golf a pleasure rather than a scourge, and maybe--oh, joyous day--break 100 every once in a while."" Not only do the authors demystify the importance of the tee but they also recap that historic match between Liszt and Brahms (it's full of such hanky-panky). One is led to concur that ""the test of golf is not athletic, but spiritual. It is not our game that must improve; it is ourselves. We must be at peace with the duffer within us."" Nice tomfoolery--a duffer's delight.

Pub Date: Oct. 1st, 1975
Publisher: Quadrangle/The New York Times Book Co.