BRIDGE TO VICTORY by Howard Handleman


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As the first close-up picture of the Aleutians campaign this will probably scoop the market as Guadalcanal Diary did on its publication. The approach is similar; intimate details of the daily round, first in the weeks of preparation and waiting, with scouting assignments the closest approach to a Front; then the voyage to Attu; then the campaign which ended with victory, but which meant a grim struggle against the difficulties of the terrain -- much worse than expected; the cold and wet and lack of supplies, the hunger and pain, the incessant danger from snipers, the closeup hand to hand combat, the nerve strain and shock, the battles on beach and plateau, in mountain crevices and valley encampments. Chockful of personal bits about individual officers and men; a sense of the spirit, the mood, the activities; a portrait of the enemy. Follow-up on Short Cut to Tokyo which gave one a background of the country, but not of the war.

Pub Date: Nov. 5th, 1943
Publisher: Random House