THE STRONGBOX by Howard Swiggett


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A successor to The Power and the Prise is again a suave entertainment in which another young man of Dun & Bradstreet distinction jeopardizes his career to protect an old loyalty. Dick Deering, on the death of his friend- and superior- Allen Wiley, the head of FAO, goes to London where he is given the keys to Wiley's strongbox. A man of wealth, worldly success and public works, Wylie also appears to be- through the letters in the strongbox- the lover of Lady Laracor (very peerage), and a traitor- since with humane intentions he diverted Mutual Aid materials to satellite countries. Lydia Moress, his assistant, is as anxious to protect him as Lady Laracor- and Deering while winning the love of Lydia, is also ready to lose his position in order to defend the dead man's prestige.... All the polish and protocol of well bred circles and high places will not elevate this beyond a rental level.

Pub Date: Feb. 25th, 1955
Publisher: Houghton, Mifflin