THE DOCTOR IN HISTORY by Howard W. Haggard


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The author of Devils, Drugs and Doctors, and a broadcaster of wide repute, Dr. Haggard has ""done it again"" and rung the bell in a very entertaining and wholly fascinating story of the men who made medical history. The two recent books on the history of medicine touch lightly on past history but lay the stress on what is almost current history. Dr. Haggard in this volume, takes the human side of the picture, the doctor who has been the instrument of progress, and etches swiftly the history of civilization in the developments in the science of medicine. Essentially popular in style, simple, direct, dramatic, this book should be an excellent item for High School and College libraries, for public libraries, and for sale to the layman interested in medicine. There is nothing particularly new in the selection of material. The interest lies in presentation. Format of book good --excellent type page -- numerous illustrations.

Publisher: Yale