THE ICIEST SIN by H.R.F. Keating


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The iciest sin is blackmail--as Inspector Ghote primly believes before he gets involved as an investigator, witness, victim, and, yes, perpetrator of blackmail in this tangled case. Ghote has been asked--blackmailed, really--to hide in Dolly Daruwala's penthouse apartment when she collects the extortion payoff from a cousin of the Additional Home Secretary, and that's how he comes to be hiding under her bed when she's killed by another of her victims, superconductor researcher Dr. Edul Commissariat. Since Ghote wholeheartedly approves the murder, he doesn't reveal himself to the murderer, but he's seen leaving the apartment and blackmailed himself by the Secretary's scruffy servant Ranchod. Meanwhile, he's taken over the investigation of another blackmailer--Shiv Chand, office manager of the scandal sheet Gup Shup, who can put away his boss, silver-haired Freddy Kersasp, if only Ghote can encourage one of Freddy's victims to testify. With the news that Freddy has a dark secret in his past, Ghote turns to a little blackmail of his own--but by then Ranchod has turned his knowledge about Ghote over to druglord Mama Chiplunkar, who blackmails Ghote into becoming his inside man on the force. Will Ghote truckle under, betray saintly Dr. Commissariat, or kill Chiplunkar himself? There's only one solution that won't bring Keating's venerable series to an end, and that's rather disappointingly what happens--but not before a sparkling traversal of Bombay vice, and Ghote's sharply uneasy mind.

Pub Date: Dec. 10th, 1990
Publisher: Mysterious Press--dist. by Ballantine