THE BOUNTY'S BOY by I. G. Edmonds


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The mutiny on the Bounty is known through book and history and motion picture to young people as well as their olders. And most people have formed a stereotype of Captain an scoundrel who was to his crew and fletcher Christian as thing of a hero. Actually, primary evidence almost reversed the picture:- Bligh was a but probably no more so than most of his in his time; Christian was something of a for the prime , who needed him as navigator. And the greatest achievement was Bligh's voyage in the ship's launch, and his bringing those who for goal or not throw in their lot with him and were set adrift back to safety. Among them was Hobert Tinkler a boy, officially recorded as an able seaman. This is his story, close to the known facts, but told an fiction. And it is too the story of the mutiny and of the voyage of the launch under the captaincy of the redoubtable Bligh. Tinkler was twelve when he was on. And boys especially will be fascinated with this tale of grim life on England ships. The Bounty was a 90-foot brig, ship rigged -- her goal the Pacific- the date 1789.

Pub Date: Aug. 2nd, 1962
Publisher: Bobbs-Merrill