THE WHIP HAND by Ian Gordon


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The pitch on Cully Fuller, the most successful advertising man on Madison Avenue, shows that he is the end product of his wife's aggressive ambition, and except for one short attempt to leave her, Cully is the victim of a woman he no longer loves and a life he never wanted. It is Francie, his stepdaughter- and fonder of him than her own mother- who tries to free him by introducing him to a contemporary, Ada, whose wholehearted worship brings him to the point where he asks for a divorce- and goes to Reno. Alone in New York, Ada's faith in herself- and in Cully- is quickly destroyed by Sylvie, Cully's wife, and she leaves town. So when Cully returns- a free man- it is to the love of Francie acknowledged for the first time.... The hulling of a huckster- right down to the skin- this is glib, glandular entertainment.

Publisher: Crown