RESCUE BELOW ZERO by Ian Mackersey


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The story of heroic rescue on the Greenland icecap of a dozen downed airmen gives a distinct feeling of dramatis personae and monstrous cold. Mike Clancy piloted the supply plane for the British North Greenland Expedition which had to be outfitted for a winter of research -- when he ""whited out"". His crew, miraculously alive, found themselves inhabiting their plane for nine days without adequate clothing to fight the terrible temperature. The take-off problem of the rescue plane, which stuck to the ice in a few moments, indicated the nature of the enemy. Reached by U.S. aircraft from Thule, the R.A.F. men left Commander Simpson and his winter crew with relief. An interesting picture of Greenland, the start of a research project, the men who make it possible.

Pub Date: Sept. 30th, 1954
Publisher: Norton