THE BOY IN THE MOON by Ib Spang Olsen


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Set ingeniously sideways on the pages to make room for the long descent, this is the journey through space of the Boy in the Moon, sent by the Man in the Moon to fetch ""that other moon"" they have often seen in the water. Down he goes, past stars and through clouds, past airplane, birds, kite, bats, and balloon, past treetops and a girl on a ladder picking apples. . . .Surely, you begin to think on each page, he'll have to hit bottom soon--but on he goes, past chimney and house and the store below, drifting over the street, past the wharf and into the water--where he finds at the very bottom, a glittering round looking glass: ""the nicest moon I have ever seen."" The Man in the Moon thinks so too, and now consults it ""whenever [he] wanted to talk with someone truly wise."" A charming little conceit, with delightfully down-to-earth drawings and a moon you have to smile back at.

Pub Date: Sept. 1st, 1977
Publisher: Parents' Magazine Press