CLAN MCGUIRE by Ila Cornelius Mangold


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1905 -- Dallas, Texas -- and the McGuires in their simple, comfortable lives revealed. Young Maggie whose belief in prayer is buttressed by the adults, Kathy who dismisses faithful Bob for newcomer Randolph, Father who is no success as a real estate man, and Mother who can cushion every blow -- and Grandpa who lives a deus ex-machina role too well. Bob dashes off to Oklahoma to make a fortune and learns the hard way, everyone conspires to break off Kathy's engagement to Randolph while Father lives on thin hope for a bettering of his fortunes. It is Grandpa who routes Randolph, who gives Bob the boost he needs to lick the oil game and win Kathy back and who sets in motion a happy future for the clan. Neither glamorous nor yet corny, this combines a certain matter of fact simplicity with a warm feeling for family life and period atmosphere, and a certain gay humor. In keeping with the era's lack of sophistication.

Publisher: Rinehart