THE WITCH CHILD by Imogen Chichester


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What in the world is this?' inquired the wizard... `Why Zachary, I keep telling you--that's our daughter! '"" Necromancy is the name they pick for her, and the descriptions of her growing up are told with the meticulous detailing which will appeal to girls who like housekeeping minutiae handled as a theme with variations. Figuring out the daily life of a wholesome witch family was clearly an enjoyable game for the author and one that readers might want to play around with too. Unfortunately, however, Necromancy's dearest wish is to act human and to have her family live like all the ordinary people who inhabit the nearby, undistinguished British village. The process of converting her parents goes on at tiresome length and makes Necromancy's story more mundane than magical.

Pub Date: Feb. 1st, 1966
Publisher: Coward-McCann