GENERAL DELLA ROVERE by Indro Montanelli


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The film version of this story has proved no successful as to warrant the author re-writing it i short novel form. It is based on a strange and dramatic event which occurred during World War II in Italy. An Italian ""con"" man is persuaded to impersonate the Rovere who has already been killed by the Nazis in exchange for which his varied crimes would be forgotten. This man, Bertone, is to act as an informer against the Italian Hesistance in prison. However, Bertone in prison undergoes a change in character and becomes more than Della Rovere's ; he becomes the General himself and the rallying point of the imprisoned partisans. He goes to his death, voluntarily, a hero and martyr whereas his former life had been that of a scoundrel. It's a ly dramatic story, written crisply and neatly.

Publisher: Doubleday