LET'S PLAY DESERT by Inger Sandberg


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A nursery level lesson on deserts, as conducted by flat-headed, googly-eyed moppets Tom and Polly who turn their school sandbox into one just long enough to experience a hot day and cold night, sort out the native animals (they get rid of a few that don't belong there, just before showing a misdirected Tarzan the way to the jungle), explore a pyramid for treasure, see a mirage, and get back in time for juice and crackers. Bright and jaunty, but a bit too much of a grown-ups' tour through kids' imagination -- and surely Tom's comment on the absence of a treasure -- ""That's how it is with pyramids. People always get there before you"" -- wasn't put in for fouryear-olds.

Pub Date: Nov. 22nd, 1974
Publisher: Delacorte