KOALAS LIVE HERE by Irmengarde Eberle


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It takes thirty pages of fairly solid text and thirty facing pages of photos to trace the growth of one small koala from mother's pouch to independence (mostly a matter of learning to climb and strip leaves) and to present the eating and dwelling habits of his kind, both largely dependent on the eucalyptus tree. (When the trees in the koalas' area are all stripped and food is scarce, men remove them to a fresh forest--the book's only drama.) Some of the photos are both appealing and instructive, but they are repetitious, and the observations, often from the little koala's point of view, are oversimplified except for correspondingly young children. There's too little meat for children old enough to read this for themselves, too much stuffing for effective reading aloud (and strong competition for the latter purpose from Bernice Kohn's Koalas).

Pub Date: Sept. 8th, 1967
Publisher: Doubleday