THE PRIZE by Irving Wallace


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A long and popularly prefabricated novel follows The Chapman Report and claims a similar background of researched facts for the Nobel Prize Week. Still, most of the time is spent not in distinguished conclave, but in more intimate rendezvous in hotel bedrooms. Among those are Drs. Claude and Denise Marccau of the Institut Pasteur, a Curic couple no longer collaborating in their private lives; Claude receives the news when he's in flagrante with a mannequin. Then there's Dr. John Garrett, Medicine, who bitterly disputes the he is sharing with a fraudulent Italian, Farelli; Andrew Craig, an American novelist, who has been a lonely lush since his wife's accidental death; and an elderly refugee (from Hitler), Doctor Stratman, accompanied by his niece Emily. Beyond Denise Marceau's counteroffensive to reclaim her husband, and Garrett's open fight with Farelli, most of the mileage concerns Andrew Craig as he tries to find a ""potion of anti-emptiness"" through Lilly, one of the friendlier natives and a nudist, next through Emily with whom he really falls in love, and in spite of his jealous warden- his sister-in-law. The story ends with further melodrama- a stabbing, an abduction, and the Russian attempt to secure Dr. Stratman for science in East Berlin.... While this will win no literary award, it may cop a wide market and it is for that reader with more time than taste. Already booked for film production and strong publisher promotion.

Publisher: Simon & Schuster