THE DREAMERS by J. Bigelow Clark


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Amplified adventure which has unusual, though not necessarily popular, angles in the story of a group of idealists, escapists, who stayed on an island rock in the Mediterranean in spite of their suspect nationalities after the outbreak of the war. There is Lydia, Italian born anti-Fascist and her little girl; the German Baron von Orsted -- who loves her; two Americans and an old Englishman. The adventure involves their attempts to send Lydia and her child off the island after it is taken over by the Germans and Captain Muller, a pervert, who directs his attentions and affections toward von Orsted, von Orsted, rejecting Muller, is the object of brutal reprisals; others are tortured and killed, but the Baron and Lydia succeed in securing a map of the island from the Germans -- for the Allies -- and in escaping with it. A realism here which may deter some -- but considerable suspense.

Pub Date: Aug. 23rd, 1945
Publisher: Doubleday, Doran