PARENTS AND RELIGION: A Preface To Christian Education by J. Gordon Chamberlin

PARENTS AND RELIGION: A Preface To Christian Education

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You'll read this book wondering why somebody didn't think of it before. Here is a book for parents, and it describes for them what kind of religion they can expect to find in a modern Protestant Church School to which they are about to send their children. It assumes that parents will want to know enough about the Christian faith to be verbal with their children and cooperative with their Church. It paints a picture of the educational process in the Church, and gives a critique for evaluating the Church School. The book is enhanced by a very readable style. Pastors will want to put this book into the hands of many inquiring parents, and the more fathers and mothers who read it, the better off will their children and their Churches be.

Pub Date: March 13th, 1961
Publisher: Westminster Press