GUNS WANTED by J. K. Stanford


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In the classic British Nimrod tradition, this loosely knit novel of the shooting tour taken by Gerald Warde, given one year to live when he returns to England after a nine years absence. With his friend, Angus, as guide and interpreter, there is a London round of clubs and night life., then come the episodes of country meets, hunts, shoots of various sorts, with every type of old and new bloods. Angus' and whimsies provide many a comic interlude, Gerald falls in love but is hopeless because of his death sentence, but an accident proves the early diagnosis wrong and he is a safe bet for marriage. There are many worn out old war horses, a vicar of the vanishing race, perturbed gentlemen of the old school and equally insecure nouveau riches who add to the panorama of the post-war passing scene, the record of changes, the pattern of the new order. With its sporting emphasis and its humor derived from Punch, this is primarily for the Anglophile audience.

Pub Date: March 13th, 1950
Publisher: Scribner