ANNAPOLIS by Jack Engeman


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Subtitled The Life of a Midshipman this is a book of pictures with a running text by Mr. Engeman who is a retired Naval officer and an educational photographer. His intent has been to show in candid terms the daily life and four year routine of an Academy education and in this he has succeeded quite well. The photographs are friendly and casual. They start out and continue fairly chronologically from plebe summer through graduation-illustrating such widely varying activities and projects as tying knots, parading, going to classes in electronics, dancing, and generally hitting all the high-and-low spots in a midshipman's life. The plan is rather like the average college year book except that the explanations are more detailed and there is of course no rogues gallery of the senior class. With a foreword by Admiral Robert B. Carney, the endorsement of the services and extensive publisher promotion, this and its companion volume, West Point, handled the same way, should reach wide markets.

Publisher: Lothrop, Lee & Shepard