THE NUMBER TWO MAN by Jack H. Bailey


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Acid indigestion and amatory athletics in the aircraft-electronics biz, as one man goes through the mangle. Marc Banion, technical representative of Stellar Aircraft, moves to Electronautics, a firm turning out radar systems for the Stellar aircraft F-114, given the nod for delivery to Europe for ""European Defense."" However, Marc suspects that bugs in the system are being covered up to expedite and clinch the Defense Department O.K., through the ruthless machinations of Pete Maxwell of Stellar and an enterprising General Geiger, who had been culling some green and favors hither and yon. When one pilot barely escapes death, when another pilot and the honest and courageous Bill Cobb, the Test Director, die in defective planes, Marc makes his move, releasing the scandal for publication. Leaving Electronautics, Marc joins a rival firm and calls the turns with his former boss. Meshed among the dealing-wheels are affairs of the heart or rather groin. Marc, with one humble secretary, married Tracy, finds respite from the battles with his ""frigid"" wife but nobly considers the responsibility to his children. The sex is frequent, antiseptically explicit and tiresome (the sort in which female endowments ""thrust"" or ""jut""). More of the men-of-decision-and-dalliance genre.

Pub Date: Nov. 15th, 1968
Publisher: McKay