COP by Jack Karney


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A grim reminder that a policeman's lot is not a happy one in the story of Joe Polan, who grows up on New York's lower East side to join the force and to fight a set-up which is too much for him. In so doing, Joe loses the friendship of Rocky, his closest childhood friend, now the head of a mob of stick-up artists; he gets transferred to Harlem for trying to close up the gambling houses, under paid protection, on his beat; he sees his kid brother sent to a detention home because he has been bullied for having a copper as a brother and had been involved in a gang fight on his block; and he sends Rocky to his death. Battered and bitter, Joe decides to become a ""sugar man"", picks up a lot of easy money but only escapes his conscience in liquor, splits with his wife-whom he loves, and is caught and killed after a last shakedown... A graphic, hard-bitten portrayal which shows up a system in a direct object lesson.

Publisher: Henry Holt