MISSING MELINDA by Jacqueline Jackson
Kirkus Star


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While Cordelia and Ophelia are scrambling up a tree, some scullion, rampallian, fustilarian steals their Melinda, a valuable heirloom doll. Cordelia and Ophelia (father's hobby is Shakespeare) sleuth about and record their refreshingly amateur efforts, alternating chapters and taking the chance to snipe at each other. The first few clues are total failures, then Melinda turns up but disappears again, and the two young mystery novel devotees decide to set up a trap: they use another old doll as bait, and the thief bites. The courtroom-esque scene (proof in the stuffing) is described with a batty gimmick--match the characters in column A with their reactions in column B. All's well that ends well and is just as well all the way through--real suspense plus literate bravado.

Pub Date: Sept. 21st, 1967
Publisher: Little, Brown