NON HUMAN THOUGHT by Jacques Graven


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A preface by Jacques Lecomte, Chief Researcher of the French National Institute of Agronomical Research, sets this volume in the perspective of the new science of ethology. Presenting the ""basic discoveries of the objectivists,"" science Writer Jacques Graven writes of varieties of animal behavior, some with, some without human references and counterparts. How animals behave among themselves (mother-child, mate relationships), between species (enemies, friends), mutual help among animals (altruism?) and the social animal (the hypothesis of the superorganism, the individual a cell) are exposited rather than explored. Further afield: the extension of psychology to plants (does the trapping plant know its victim?), the possibility of the aesthetic sense in animals, of senses beyond Our knowledge or experience. Observations and intimations of interest at a supplementary, popular level. A dictionary of those responsible, including Lorenz, a pertinent glossary, a selected bibliography, index. The first title in the publisher's Boundary of Knowledge series.

Pub Date: Aug. 31st, 1967
Publisher: stein & Day