TRUE HUMANISM by Jacques Maritain
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Besides everything else to be said for the sales possibilities of this new Maritain there is the fact that Jacques Maritain is a Roman Catholic on the staff of the Institut Catholique of Paris whose books bear the Imprimatur. Add to this the fact that he is to lecture extensively in the States this fall and you have something there. He is a man first of all, interested in his fellow men, keenly aware of the social problems of our day, supremely confident that Christianity can and will win out, not because he is a sentimental idealist or a high sounding philosopher but a practical follower of Jesus Christ able to give good reasons for the faith that is in him. Here he tells what Humanism is, what it has been and what it may become, all very deep sounding, but written in the clearest, simplest style and language imaginable. Check up and see if the author is lecturing in or near your city. If he is, arrange to sell books at the lecture and cooperate with the group sponsoring him or arrange to have him visit your shop and autograph books. This book is not to be relegated to a dusty shelf marked Religion & Philosophy. Put it out in front in the shop and in the window. It is non-fiction news.

Publisher: Scribner