WORLD IN THE MAKING by James Avery Joyce


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A lively, well organized chronological survey from the beginnings of settled living until the present day of political, social and moral forces tending towards international peace. With a definite end in mind, the advocation of world federation, Mr. Joyce grounds his book on the principle that people want freedom, food and friendship. The pattern to illustrate man's achievements and failures is familiar; the four river-cradles of civilization 7000 years ago; Greece and its leagues and the Pax Romana; the unity and common language of Europe's middle ages; the bad, and the good, aspects of nationalism and the Renaissance; the early modern pioneers of science and commerce; the early political and philosophical thinkers; the Federalists and the beginning of the U. S. A.; the first international organizations like the postal union; the failure of the League of Nations; the problems of the U. N. and other mutual aid systems like Point 4 and the Colombo Plan. Throughout, the attitude is hopeful, altruistic, but the point is proved. Excellent supplementary reading and for comparison with Tom Galt's The Story of Peace and War.

Pub Date: April 1st, 1953
Publisher: Henry Schuman