QUATREFOIL by James Barr


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An extensive and emotionally elated investigation of the hotspot of homosexuality, this attacks the problem from all sides, gives with its Grecian aspects as well, and moves through some rather dressy circles (emeralds are these boys' best friends). This is the story of Phillip, groomed for prominence as a banker and engaged to marry a wealthy girl, who- when up for a court martial in the Navy- is let off through the intervention of Tim Danelaw. Tim also first makes him confront his latent homosexuality; indoctrinates him in a first night of love which brings on a morning after of misery and humiliation; goes home with him and helps him to break with his inherited and fore-ordained pattern. And when Tim dies, he leaves Phillip with the knowledge of a love that is as valid as any other kind... Some sensational moments here, this also verbalizes many of the traditional taboos which surround this subject and gives the answers to some queries for the not so innocent bystander.

Pub Date: Sept. 11th, 1950
Publisher: Greenberg