WELCOME TO MARS by James Blish


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It's doubtful that any youngster Will have the temerity to believe the Precepts on which this dubious flight is launched regardless of how many esoteric formulas the author couches it in. Seventeen, year-old Dolphe discovers the secret of anti-gravity and, fed up with NASA's fumblings, takes off for Mars in a reconverted packing case. He plans a four-hour expedition but, upon landing, discovers that he's blown an irreplaceable tube. For all his young genius he wasn't foresighted enough to bring along a spare. Meanwhile, back on Earth his girlfriend Nanette discovers what's happened and somehow ? pieces enough equipment together to follow him, taking the secret of anti-gravity with her, but leaving a note that shatters the parents and makes earth-shaking headlines. She crash lands and the two set out to survive: eating lichen that supply oxygen and slow down their metabolism etc. Eventually, after a long winter, they are discovered by an intelligent dune cat that takes them to an underground city where the last of the old race bequeaths the planet to them as representatives of Earth. It's pushing the age of miracles too far.

Pub Date: Jan. 1st, 1967
Publisher: Putnam