STEWED GOOSE by James Flora


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Young Walker Goose is not of course stewed here, despite Benjamin Bear's elaborate efforts to catch him for dinner and Walker's own incredible innocence as to the bear's intentions. Benjamin lures Walker into his house (by turning it into a ""BRAND NEW GOOSE STORE: EVERYTHING FREE FOR THE KIDDIES"") and even into the oven and the stew pot, but dumb luck is with the goose throughout and Mr. Bear sits down at the end to his usual berries and honey. As pictured (in green and brown), the goose shop is crammed with comic clutter (including bear family portraits that belie Benjamin's beaked disguise), and both Flora and the cat-and-mouse/fly-and-spider formula have survived long enough to make this worth a gander.

Pub Date: Sept. 7th, 1973
Publisher: Atheneum