THE COMPETITIVE EDGE: The West Point Guide for the Weekend Athlete by James L. & Martin Cohen Anderson

THE COMPETITIVE EDGE: The West Point Guide for the Weekend Athlete

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Women and casual sportsmen, beware: unlike the RCAF and Israeli Defense Forces programs for general fitness, this guide is for ""weekend athletes"" who want to win, win, win--the message is that, without competition, exercise and sport aren't worthwhile. Other elements of the West Point philosophy: each person should take up a sport that can be played for an entire lifetime; performance is determined by sometimes-varying amounts of physical and mental preparedness. Drawing on a wealth of experience and research (Anderson is Director of the Dept. of Physical Education at the Point), a careful program is set out--adaptable to the sport, to degrees of fitness, etc.--which readers can use to supplement their sports practice. If you're active only on weekends, use the program for strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular improvement on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday to prepare; if you play squash four times a week, use the program on your off days to maintain conditioning. The section on the ""Psychological Edge"" is rife with he-man huckstering (""Americans prefer the confidence of the 'quiet man' . . . the John Waynes"") and quotes from the likes of Vince Lombardi (""fatigue makes cowards of us all""). And much of the book is simply inapplicable to women or to anyone who just enjoys sports--win or lose, or all alone. But for those in line with West Point thinking, the physical program is solid and helpful.

Pub Date: Feb. 25th, 1981
Publisher: Morrow