KGB KILL by James Mitchell


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A dashing Formula One racing-car driver wipes out a parade of KGB goons as he carries on his intercontinental quest for the world championship. From the author of The Evil Ones (1983) and Dead Ernest (1987). The driver with a great deal to do is Sandy Keith, nephew of British intelligence boss Sir Roderick Finlay. Sir Roderick plays shamelessly on Sandy's sense of family and patriotic duty anytime he has a nasty bit of work that calls for a really top-notch chauffeur. Sandy usually gets teamed up with his pal Joe Cave, one of Uncle Roderick's full-time professional KGB elimination specialists. These two bucks circle the globe, racing, killing, crashing, and loving. It seems the gifts just can't get enough of adventuresome Sandy--even after he gets overcooked in a fiery crash and becomes one big skin-graft. Meanwhile, poor Joe Cave loses girl after gift to Sandy but never gets bitter. He's always got too much to do. It seems the KGB has lost entirely too many of their best young trainees to Joe Cave, and he has become their number-one target for elimination. No matter where he goes, from Las Vegas to Hong Kong, there's always a Russkie or two lurking behind a slot machine or under a bed, ready to do him in. Cheerful and pleasant mayhem. Written as a series of nearly self-contained episodes, there's no chance for any real tension to build, but there're plenty of pretty gifts, glamorous travel, and fast cars.

Pub Date: Aug. 15th, 1988
Publisher: Hamish Hamilton--dist. by David & Charles