RUN FOR THE TREES by James S. Rand


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A tumbler eagle hung like a sepia fragment of shrapnel in the hard cobalt sky."" So begins this very virile British adventure novel of East Africa in which the prose proliferates along with the action which centers around two giant heroes, a millionaire Afrikander with a fantastic spread of land, and a Scot who becomes his blood brother. The Dutch Afrikander has what seems to be at first an insane hatred of lions, leopards, jackals and carnivores; the Scot, who grew up stalking deer, considers the hunt no real act of skill or test of courage. Throughout there is a great deal of apparently insatiable sex -- nubile native girls are chosen from the tribes, appropriated from slave traders. The publishers make the comparison with the late Ruark -- uh huh, Uhuru.

Publisher: Putnam