EMMA by James Stevenson


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Yes, Stevenson's game little witch Emma is back--with those horrible old witches, Dolores and Lavinia, to torment her. But Emma doesn't have two good friends, Botsford the cat and Rowland the owl, for nothing. After their combined efforts to launch Emma on a broom of her own only make her a laughing-stock, Lavinia and Dolores are awakened by the figure of a little Emma-like witch engaged in stunt-flying (actually, Roland in Emma's cape and pointy hat) and they're totally floored when, at Emma's instruction, her broom ""flies"" (thanks to some string-pulling by Botsford) up into a tree to sleep. It's an accolade of a kind to say that Emma & Co. are one-dimensional personalities with the repeat potential of comic-strip characters. Not as chilling-and-warming as Yuck!--but gratifying for the no-quarter war between the young/old forces.

Pub Date: March 18th, 1985
Publisher: Greenwillow