THE HESS CROSS by James Stewart Thayer


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How far will ya fetch to get a WW II melodrama about Deputy Fuhrer Rudolf Hess' defection from the Third Reich? According to Thayer, Hess parachutes into England and then puts on a spectacular acting job so that he'll be shipped secretly to the States and to the Chicago bullpen where nuclear physicists are building the first A-bomb. You see, Hess and Hitler know that Germany has fallen behind, stalled in its own A-bomb program. What is needed is Enrico Fermi, the leading physicist over here, and the Hess crossing into England is part of a very long-range double-kidnap plot that includes a U-boat landing by a Nazi kidnap team on the Maine coast. The bizarre plot draws Thayer into comicbook inflation of some scenes, which are then balanced against a child's primer of the ""secrets of fission."" But, for insatiable Reichstaggers, a change of face from the ubiquitous Adolf and no worse than most of its Nazi-totsy predecessors.

Pub Date: Nov. 21st, 1977
Publisher: Putnam