MAN ON THE MOON: Our Future in Space by James Throneburg
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MAN ON THE MOON: Our Future in Space

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Mother Goose lulled her renders into fantasy with the cow who jumped over the moon. Mr. Throneburg now lifts the veil of make-believe with the assertion that man is now ready to jump onto it. A seasoned motivation expert, he consistently interrelates the child's experiences with a surprisingly detailed factual account elevating readers to a new plane of understanding but one well grounded in the reality of their lives. From traditional moon myths to man's initial moon observations to the discoveries of today, he presents a precise but simple picture of what the moon is like. A startling question is then posed, one which many sheepish adults and children may not have dared to utter. Why go to the moon at all? His answers dispose of our doubts and prepare us for our long journey through space with the enthusiasm of a first astronaut. The book is outstanding paradoxically because its author always remains in orbit.

Pub Date: May 15th, 1961
Publisher: Knopf