HELLO ELEPHANT by Jan; Illus. Edward Ardizzone Wahl


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The author of the recent and excellent Pleasant Fieldmouse (p. 491, J-153) illustrated by Maurice Sendak is joined this time by an equally respected illustrator in a book of splendidly solemn, reasonable nonsense. Ricky Rosebush called his friend the Elephant and asked him what he was doing. ""I am in a truck... They are taking me to the Zoo.-- SAVE ME!"" Ricky jumped on his tricycle, sped through town, persuaded the truck drivers to release the Elephant in his custody and rode his friend home. As any normal parents would do, Mr. and Mrs. Rosebush welcome the pet their son has brought home, learn to love him and provide him with a field in the summer and a warm garage in the winter, no matter how much snow covered the car outside. Pictures and text take a sly poke at the sort of parent who faints at the sight of a hamster and this will hit the smallest funny bones.

Pub Date: Sept. 7th, 1964
Publisher: Holt, Rinehart & Winston