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The Jordan and Parrish families carry on as new generations come to the fore -- this one led by Parri MacDonald, daughter of Penny Parrish, star of Broadway, and Josh MacDonald, celebrated set designer. With such a background -- how can Parri miss? She does however in the very beginning, instantly endearing her to an audience who understands. Bordering on the brink of teenage sophistication, 14 year old Parri acts out a swooping fantasy which takes its toll in reality. Instead of selecting the coat her mother had chosen, Parri charges a $750 item to mom's account and proceeds out of the shop transformed. On to the theatre district, a tentative friendship with April Showers, aspiring starlet and a freak tryout for a Broadway play under the assumed name of Carol Gay. During her drive back to the country with dad, reality strikes Parri with a deadening thud. Mom is frantic and Parri spends the next six weeks paying for the day. Although her friendship with April ends unhappily. Parri, a newcomer to the high school crowd, is able to make true and lasting friends. At the same time, her cousin David, once crippled by polio, proves his own stamina and ability to wear the West Point uniform. Many familiar Lambert characters pass through these pages -- this time seen from a new point of view- Parri's, a most delightful and winning heroine. Good Lambert.

Pub Date: Sept. 28th, 1962
Publisher: Dutton