THE ENDURING HILLS by Janice Holt Giles


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A chronicle of the essential values of the simple life told with a genuine love for the Kentucky Hill country. Hod Pierce differs from his simple, moral family on Piney Ridge only in that he is endowed with ambition. His longing to see and make his mark on the world eventually causes him to enlist in the army and escape from the hills. While in service he meets Mary, a young school teacher from Louisville, and they are married at the end of the war. Mary is understanding but shocked when she meets his family in their primitive home and he takes her back to the city. Through her help he begins to ""make his mark""; however he finds that financial success involves the sacrifice of his integrity so with Mary's support and consent they return to the hills to lead the good life. A great over-simplification here of problems and values, but a constant appeal of sincerity. For rent.

ISBN: 0548446369
Publisher: Westminster