BACK IN CIRCULATION by Jean Libman Block


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Here you are, and your roommate is Loneliness."" And if you insist on filling up the wee, small empty hours with this kind of women's magazine patter-patois you might pick up a little advice on handling your ""identity"" now that you've lost part of it (or been divorced), your health, money, your home, getting a job, etc. None of it is really much more helpful than Isabella Taves' Women Alone (p. 381) or as illuminating as Morton Hunt's The World of the Formerly Married (1966) and it's filled in and out with opinions from the familiar literature, institutes and institutions and the inevitable Dr. Ashley Montagu. It is also very girlish in tone (the author did write a juvenile) and obviously intended for the younger woman who might not mind ""Supposing you meet an interesting attractive fellow at a party""--but then again she might not be travelling in the circle where you say fellow.

Pub Date: June 1st, 1969
Publisher: Macmillan