SOMEONE TO LOVE ME by Jeannette Eyerly


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Teen-age pregnancy is a current issue of great concern. Here we have realism for the right-to-life teen-ager. Patrice, living with her divorced mother, is an ordinary 15-year-old. She is overwhelmed when a handsome senior starts driving her home after school. It hurts that he won't take her out in public, but their ""special"" relationship is enough--well, un til she gets pregnant and he cuts out. ""'If you love me, you will,' he said. And because she loved him, she did."" But don't expect any more depth of sexual description. In this book, sex is something done to please boys. Birth control and sex education are brought up only indirectly; the possibility of abortion, raised by the baby's father and Patrice's mother, is rejected out of hand by Patrice, who wants to raise the baby. This topic is difficult to deal with in fiction for younger teen-agers; while this book is fairly shallow, it is on a level easily approached by an inexperienced reader. A useful variant to the teen romance.

Pub Date: March 1st, 1986
Page count: 160pp
Publisher: Lippincott