GET THE RIGHT JOB NOW! by Jeffrey Eisen


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Career counselor Eisen wises the reader up fast on ploys--those a prospective employer might use, and those you had better use yourself if you want to position yourself in the right job. Some readers might maintain that honesty is the best policy, but others will consider the techniques for ""crafting an image of yourself"" (""Positive Professional Image or P-Image"") legitimate self-defense. After researching to decide first on a career, then on a field, company, and specific job, the idea is to familiarize yourself with the ""Employer's Dream"" employee--able, suitable, stable, profitable, and desirable. You must then gear both your resumÉ and your interview to project that dream image. Along the way, Eisen discusses body language, salary negotiation, countering interviewer traps, and (most volatile of all) women and minorities as job hunters. In some cases, Eisen actually favors eradicating an unacceptable ethnic identity (""Assimilation will make one role, that of mainstream executive, more accessible""), or (for women) laughing off sexual innuendos. A dogged approach, probably most useful to the single-minded.

Pub Date: Nov. 20th, 1978
Publisher: Lippincott