THE CREEP by Jeffrey Frank


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Bartholomew is a twenty-five year old midwesterner transplanted to ""the city""...i.e. New York, where he undergoes a strange mutation. An insecure drifter, dreamer, he takes an apartment and wanders the streets in search of an entree to the Beautiful People. We meet him after about two months and he hasn't met anyone long enough to be able to establish the most meager conversation. He's lonely and it's going to get worse as we view his abortive attempts to make contact. In fact he's desperate as he frequents empty movie houses, cheap, cold bars, joins a ""mixer"" club whose members avoid him, visits museums, tiptoes around his apartment so his neighbors won't know he's in with no place to go on a long Saturday night. He does get solicited by Client, a colored pimp and spends $20.00 on a prostitute but then they both disappear. He finally forces himself on a girl who rejects him...finally runs. Coincidentally she lives in his building and abashed and ashamed he tries to find a new place. But the superintendents sense something about him...the kind that ""gives trouble."" And he finds himself self-consciously, self-admittedly ""a Creep."" A portrait executed with precision. And you'll feel you've met him...somewhere.

Pub Date: Jan. 8th, 1967
Publisher: Farrar, Straus & Giroux