PSYCHIC ARCHAEOLOGY: Time Machine to the Past by Jeffrey Goodman

PSYCHIC ARCHAEOLOGY: Time Machine to the Past

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Archaeologist Goodman credits his discovery of possibly the oldest evidence of man in the Americas to his psychic adviser, Axon Abrahamson. Working in Flagstaff, Arizona, he has unearthed artifacts that appear to substantiate 87% of Abrahamson's geological, chronological, and archaeological predictions. Taking stock of past psychic archaeology--Bond and his psychic in Glastonbury, England; Cayce and his walks with Jesus in the Holy Land; Ossowiecki who traveled back in time to the Paleolithic period--he summarizes a voluminous amount of historical material to prepare us for his own report. His discovery challenges the accepted theory that the first men came to America from Asia; according to his findings, they arrived much earlier--perhaps from Atlantis or Lemuria--and developed an advanced culture then. If nothing else, his discussions should be fascinating. However, Goodman includes all sorts of unimportant information, especially when he describes his own dig. One becomes lost in the complexities of final exams (he was working for his Ph.D.), obtaining funding, and his own preoccupation with detail. Whatever the value of his work, one wishes he had the gift of automatic writing as well.

Pub Date: March 25th, 1977
Publisher: Putnam