THE CRYSTAL TREE by Jennie D. Lindquist


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In Jennie Lindquist's earlier books, The Golden Name Day and The Little Silver House, a thin thread of plot supported a cycle of old-fashioned Swedish cookery and customs; in this, their sequel, an old-fashioned plot sags under the weight of coincidences and contrivances. Nancy is preparing to move into the little silver house that has been boarded up for thirty years. She and her friends set out to learn the history of the house and its former occupants by questioning everyone and following every lead. Their investigation extends, by proxy, as far afield as Switzerland and Alaska, and, before moving day, they have pieced together most of the story and even acquired the crystal tree which sparked the search. In the meantime, the problems of the people are solved as neatly as the puzzle of the house, and in the same interlocking fashion...which is to be expected, since the grown-ups are all kind and considerate and understanding, and the children are all cheerful and obedient. Nancy and her friend Elsa are fond of saying ""It's like a storybook""--ain't it the truth?

Pub Date: Oct. 26th, 1966
Publisher: Harper & Row