LIVING WITH EQUALS by Jerome J. Klasman


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A simple-minded refutation of The Myth of True Love, formerly known as monogamy, based on a kind of personal ""sovereignty"" and a ""psychological laissez-faire"" which will remind you of Ayn Rand's virtuous selfishness. Klasman offers no more credentials than his common sense and a series of bad experiences with women which encouraged him to rush to the aid of others with this hook. If swallowed whole, his advice will effectively ruin any opportunity you might have had for a lasting commitment by converting your love-person into a love-object. There is, of course, the inevitable jargon recapped in a glossary: authoritarianism, I want/you want/ we want balance, poacher/predator mentality, romance-values, siege component, etc.; and the book is interleaved with sample relationships like the one between married Carl and single Jenny who are ""sneaking around"" with some success until Jenny starts acting like an ingrate despite their open relationship. Marriage, anyone?

Pub Date: Jan. 1st, 1975
Publisher: Delacorte