ISOLATION by Jerzy Peterkiewicz


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A fetishistic game of hide and seek indulges in exotic diversions and concerns Alexander, a freelance spy, on holiday in London. Alexander has a very dualistic nature- for although he has a basic need for ""isolation"", he also has to extend the deceptions of his professional career to the activities of his private life. On the day of his wife's suicide, he takes a new mistress, Dolores, who is never permitted to know his real identity. During the months to come they dress up (in costumes) before they undress and lie down on their tiger skin; they tape record their rendezvous; and Alexander collects keepsakes- two eyelashes from Dolores to go with the broken tooth of his deceased wife, Kira. Now, in between his meetings with Dolores, he tries to solve some of the mystery left at Kira's death; he also begins to spy on Dolores. This is a mistake- and only leads to the more rapid termination of their affair. From every point of view, it's a good thing.

Pub Date: Sept. 15th, 1960
Publisher: Holt